On this hearth season alone, Cal Fireplace says greater than 4,000 properties have been misplaced and tons of extra broken.

Now, a South Bay residence builder says he is developed a option to construct new homes that may very well be much more fire-resistant and he says he can do it for a similar price as a standard wood-framed residence. 

No construction is completely fireproof in a serious hearth, however the builder says a metal residence has a significantly better probability to nonetheless be standing.

At first look, the gorgeous 6,000-square-foot residence constructed by Eugene Yu of Yuhu Builders doesn’t look a lot completely different than a standard wooden residence, but it surely has metal framework in place and that’s not the one fire-resistant function.

Yu says the outer partitions are made up of what’s referred to as “aerial concrete,” which may face up to extraordinarily sizzling flames, and theoretically, restrict the affect of embers that get into vents.

The within partitions are a fireplace resistant wood- plastic composite. 

“This home would maintain minimal injury if there’s a fireplace,” stated Yu.

He added that he can now make metal properties for a similar price as wooden, about $300 per sq. foot.

“Prefabricate the metal frames off-site, then deliver onto the location,” Yu stated. “So it saves time, and saves labor, and likewise extra high quality management.”

Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese stated that with all of the current fires, he’s intrigued. 

“You actually should take a tough have a look at ‘all metal’ development simply to guard folks’s lives,” he stated.

Though Yu remains to be negotiating to construct full properties with potential consumers,  he and Cortese are actually engaged on a proposal for the county to construct metal buildings for potential homeless shelters and housing.


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