Hacker organization “Dark Overlord” steal US Montana school district data for ransom

“Dark Overlord Solutions” attacked the entire school district in Flathead Valley, Montana, last week.

Local investigators believe that hackers have invaded the Columbia Falls school district server and have access to sensitive information about students, parents, and faculty, including name, address and medical address.

Last weekend, hackers send text messages to students, family members, and faculty by SMS and e-mail, and give the school board a letter of interest to the school board, otherwise, it will reveal sensitive data.

From September 14 to September 18, about 30 schools of peace head valley community college were forced to close.

Pingtou County Magistrate Chuck Curry (Javier Chuck Curry) on Facebook to open the blackmail letter, and write the threat is not true, this is just the Internet cable elements to ask for a ransom strategy.

Hackers wrote in the blackmail letter, received information means that has been attacked, and said last year had implemented a very serious hacking incident. Hackers in the letter of credit that their own barbarians, good plunder, not their prejudice to the students.

Curry writes that officials find that hackers are often “silent” and even if ransom hands are likely to leak data.

Curry pointed out that the student’s personal safety will not be threatened. Pingtou Valley will continue to maintain justice day and night, and due diligence to investigate the matter.

The school students began to study on Tuesday, more than 15,000 students back to school.

Monterey, Whitefish police chief Bill Dial (Bill Dell) that the suspect may be British, the current hackers organizations are included in the international watch list, can not enter the United States, he is very sure there is no threat.

In April this year, The Dark Overlord Solutions attacked Netflix, revealing the unnamed “Orange Is The New Black” episode. The Dark Overlord is also related to cyber attacks from ABC, HBO, and US healthcare providers.

It is not clear whether the incident is organized by hackers, nor does it preclude the possibility of impersonation.

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